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⭐️Comprehensive orthodontic smile makeover⭐️

This case demonstrates what is possible when multiple dental specialties work together to change a smile.

The patient presented with severe dental crowding, a small upper right lateral incisor, residual tooth fragments, a malformed central incisor, and a missing upper left lateral incisor with a canine positioned in its place. Furthermore, the patient’s incisors were severely flared with anterior crossbites (edge to edge bite) preventing him from biting properly.

His orthodontic treatment plan included extraction of a lower left pre-molar and residual root fragments to alleviate the crowding, alignment of all teeth with proper inclination of all incisors, and crossbite correction for proper occlusion. The patient’s upper left canine was reshaped to mimic the appearance of his missing lateral incisor. After orthodontic treatment was completed, the small lateral and malformed central incisor were treated with direct composites by the patient’s dentist to achieve proper smile esthetics and improved dental proportions. Lastly, the patient also received 2 lower gingival grafts from a periodontist to preserve proper gingival thickness and perio health long-term.

It was a long treatment from A to Z, but this patient was committed to the process and we could not be happier for him!


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