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Limited orthodontic smile makeovers

I often get the question: “Can I just do upper orthodontic treatment only?” My answer will always depend on the treatment objectives and how much clearance exists between the upper and lower dentition. Ideally, full upper and lower orthodontic treatment will allow for proper bite coordination and tooth alignment. In cases where spaces are being closed on the upper arch, there needs to be proper clearance so the upper teeth don’t contact prematurely with the lowers, thus, preventing space closure. This is usually the case with upper spacing and significant lower crowding. However, when adequate clearance exists between the upper and lower teeth and lower treatment is not absolutely necessary, treating the upper teeth only is certainly possible. As seen in these pre and post-treatment photos, limited upper orthodontic treatment can make a real difference in someone’s smile. This particular Invisalign case also involved orthodontic space creation for a small upper right lateral incisor to be built up with composite for proper aesthetics and ideal proportions.

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