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Comprehensive orthodontic treatment with extraction of 4️⃣ premolars

This case demonstrates what orthodontic treatment is all about: improving both esthetics & function, and truly making a difference in one’s smile. In the initial photos, you can appreciate the severity of dental crowding, whereby the patient’s right side canines are completely blocked out of the arch. Moreover, the upper and lower incisors were proclined (flared out), and the dental midlines are uncoordinated. As well, due to the extreme position of the crowded dentition, the patient’s gingiva were in a constant state of stress and increased risk for gingival recession.

This patient was treated for 2️⃣years with complete upper and lower braces. Treatment included extractions of 4 premolars (indicated by the Xs) in order to alleviate the crowding, create room to bring the canines back into alignment, and help coordinate the midlines. Needless to say, the patient was very happy with the results!!!

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