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Smile Makeover!

This patient presented with proclined upper and lower incisors (AKA “flared teeth”) with increased overjet and dental crowding. Patients will often say they have a large overbite, when in fact they are referring to overjet; the space difference between the upper and lower front teeth in the horizontal dimension. In order to create room for ideal dental alignment in this case, 4 permanent posterior teeth were extracted. This also provided the necessary space to retract the front teeth to a stable position in the bone and eliminate all flaring for reduction in overjet, improved aesthetics, and relaxed lip posture. 😁Total treatment time was approx. 24 months. #nemesortho #smilemakeover #montrealorthodontist #orthodontist #bracesbeforeandafter #bracesmontreal #slomowednesday #sosatisfying

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