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Deep Bite and Class II Correction

During an orthodontic consultation, the most important aspect involves understanding the patient’s chief complaints. In this particular case, the patient did not like how her front teeth were flared forward, the deep bite and overlap of her upper and lower anterior incisors, and that her smile had a narrow appearance.

After a very successful orthodontic treatment, notice the following improvements:

1) The upper incisors have been retracted to an ideal angulation, 2) The deep overbite has been corrected so all teeth are now leveled with perfect overlap,

3) The lower dentition has been advanced into a perfect bite, and

4) Her smile width increased resulting in a broader and more esthetic appearance.

Now that this patient’s teeth are perfectly aligned, the only thing she has left to do is smile 😊 ... and remember to wear her retainers of course!

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