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Treating blocked out canines with no extractions ✖️

This patient presented with a blocked out upper-left canine, dental crowding, deep overbite, and a missing lower incisor. Due to the upper canine becoming blocked out in development, the upper incisors drifted towards the left creating an upper midline discrepancy. Also, the patient only has 3️⃣ lower incisors instead of 4️⃣, so the lower midline symmetry is non-existent.

During comprehensive orthodontic treatment with braces, in an effort to create room for the blocked out canine: 1) the patient’s upper left posterior teeth were pushed back and (2) the upper incisors were moved towards the patient’s right side (this movement also coordinated the patient’s dental midline).

In the post-treatment photos, the teeth are well-aligned, the deep bite has improved, and the patient’s midline and smile are balanced and symmetrical. The patient was thrilled with the results, as were we!! 😊

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