Happy Brushing!

Happy Brushing!

Having a great smile and feeling good about your dental health go hand-in-hand with great oral hygiene. I tell all my patients as early as their initial orthodontic consultation about the importance of regular flossing and brushing to keep your gums in check during braces and Invisalign treatment. During orthodontic treatment, the teeth move very slowly with gentle forces that can sometimes aggravate the gums, especially if proper hygiene is not maintained. We will work hard to get you that beautiful smile, but it is equally as important to brush well and prevent cavities during and after orthodontic treatment. Parents will often ask me when should they start using a toothbrush on their kids. Proper and consistent hygiene should be initiated as soon your children get their first teeth. Brushing your child’s teeth can be challenging at times as they love to move and drive you nuts. So try to have fun with it and always finish on a happy note.

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