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Comprehensive orthodontic treatment with clear braces and extraction of two upper premolars

This patient initially presented with an ectopic (Blocked out) upper right canine, severe deep overbite, increased overjet, class II malloclusion, severe dental crowding, and an upper dental midline deviation towards the right.

In this treatment, the upper right and left first premolars (the teeth immediately behind the canines) were extracted in order to create space for the blocked out canine, alleviate dental crowding, and help swing the upper midline back towards the left side. In addition, the patients deep bite was corrected and the overjet (space between the upper and lower incisors) was reduced to create a harmonious occlusion and well balanced esthetics.

The patient’s smile transformation is evident and we could not be more thrilled for our patient’s new beautiful smile that they now get to enjoy for the rest of their lives.

We love what we do!

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