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⭐️ Crossbite correction with Invisalign⭐️

This adult patient presented with dental crowding, flared teeth, a narrow upper arch & crossbites.

A crossbite is when the lower teeth do not fit correctly within the upper teeth when biting due to poor position of 1️⃣> teeth and/or narrow dental arches.

Crossbites can be treated as early as 8️⃣ years old with a simple maxillary expander. If crossbites are not addressed early enough, some may require surgical correction later in adulthood, particularly for severe cases.

This patient’s crossbite was corrected using Invisalign without surgery. Look how nicely the lower teeth now fit within the upper arch. Moreover, the upper arch was expanded, resulting in a broad & beautiful smile🔥. Love it! 👌🏼

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